92D Densified Silica Fume

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92D Densified Silica Fume

Our Densified Silica Fume products include: (630-680 kg/m³)

Silica Fume Product Description

When added to precast and ready-mixed concrete, silica fume produces high-performance, high-strength concrete with an increased life-span and improved structural economics. Silica fume is available in its as-produced, undensified form. For greater convenience, densified silica fume, with twice the bulk density, provides many benefits. It is dustless, uniform, smooth, free of lumps and flows readily for bulk handling applications. Dry densified silica fume is the most economical product form for transportation, as its higher density allows bulk handling methods, and reduced shipping costs.


Prevents reinforcing steel corrosion in concrete, due to its extremely low permeability to chloride-ion intrusion and high electrical resistivity.

  • -Greater impermeability, barring the ingress of moisture, chemicals and other contaminants
  • -High early strengths, assuring increased efficiency and greater cost effectiveness in production of prestressed and precast concrete
  • -High ultimate compressive strengths (8,000-20,000 psi), proportionate to amount of silica fume and the water-to-cementitious ratio
  • -Substantially greater resistance to corrosion, abrasion and erosion, chemical attack and freeze/thaw damage
  • Densified Silica Fume Application:

    Strength Economy:
    – Increased compressive strength.
    – Increased flexural strength.
    – Greater strength development.
    – Potentially smaller structural section.
    – Less rebound & wastage in shortcreting increase productivity.
    – Cement replacement opportunities.

    Durability General:
    – Increased concrete density.
    – Improved impremeability to agressive agent.
    – Reduced susceptibility to sulphate attack & alkali-aggregate expansion.
    – Improved cohesiveness reduces segregation & pumpability.
    – Reduced bleeding allows early finishing.
    – Improved finishing & electrical resistivity.

    Due to many benefits imparted to concrete, it is highly recommemded for use in the following application :
    – Mining & Tunnelling.
    – High rise buildings.
    – For producing all concrete products including readymix concrete.
    – Motorways, bridges & dams etc


    High Temperature: Microsilica reacts with alumina forming mullite which gives a castable high strength at up to 1700 degree.
    Heat Up: Improved green strength
    Flow: Reduced water demand when casting
    Dense Castables: Void filling for density for lower permeability, higher strength and higher thermal conductivity

    – Casting
    – Insulation
    – Non cementitious building products